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Audio CD - The Musical Worlds of Niccolo and Lymond

The Edinburgh Renaissance Band

Musical Worlds of Niccolo and Lymond

CDERB001 £11.50

Full details and Track listing

(this CD supercedes the earlier cassette - Music for Lymond, Niccolo and the Medici)

This is a privately produced CD and is not available in shops, but can be ordered through me at the email address below with payment made via UK cheque or PayPal.

The Edinburgh Renaissance Band originally compiled a selection of pieces for the Dunnett Convention which was held in Edinburgh in 1990, and subsequently released a cassette of the music. This CD is an expanded version of that with some new material. They also performed superbly at the Stirling Castle banquet during the Dunnett Gathering in Edinburgh 2000.


Music of Castle and Kirk

The Edinburgh Renaissance Band

Music of Castle and Kirk

CDERB002 £11.50

Track listing

This CD is a selection of the Edinburgh Renaissance Band's repertoire from many European countries with an emphasis on music by Scottish Renaissance composers.


Alastair Dunnett

Anyone interested in Alastair's writing, or in life on the west coast of Scotland during the 1930s will be interested in

The Canoe Boys: From the Clyde Past the Cuillins

UK. paperback Neil Wilson Publishing, Republished in 1995, £7.99 1897784422

First published in 1950 as Quest by Canoe and later reissued as as Too Late in the Year.

It's the story of the trip that Alastair and his lifelong friend James (Seumas) Adam made up the west coast of Scotland in the 1930s. They had established an outdoor magazine called The Claymore but it was financially unsuccessful and left them in debt. To clear it off they decided to canoe up the rugged west coast (despite having very little experience of canoeing!) and send back reports to the Daily Record newspaper. The many friends that they made on the trip and the scenes they observed give a wonderful glimpse of a way of life which has now largely vanished.

Another book of his that I get asked about from time to time is his autobiography - Among Friends - but this is not available. Its publication in 1984 unfortunately coincided with a major change of direction by the publisher and without the usual launch publicity and support it had little chance of success and soon disappeared. As a result there are very few second-hand copies around, although some people have had success in getting access to a copy through interlibrary loan.

In 1988 Dorothy and Alastair collaborated with photographer David Paterson on a book of photographs

Scottish HighlandsScottish Highlands

UK. Cloth, Mainstream Pub Co, May 88, £17.99 1851581499 Out of Print

Mainstream ran out of copies in Nov 1999 and although they didn't declare it out of print at the time they did say they had no plans to reprint it in the forseeable future. It has not reappeared since then.

Other titles by Alastair include

Treasure at Sonnach, 1935

Heard Tell, 1946

Highlands and Islands of Scotland, 1951

The Donaldson Line, 1952

The Land of Scotch, 1953

The Duke's Day, 1970

No Thanks to the Duke, 1978

End of Term, 1989


Ninian Dunnett

Ninian Dunnett has followed in his parents footsteps as a writer - in both journalism and as a screenwriter, and he conducted a series of interviews with Scottish people throughout the country as we prepared for the new parliament and the new millennium. Many of these were first published in the (Glasgow) Herald newspaper and these were then collected together along with commentary, song, folklore and humour.

Book cover for Out on the Edge Out on the Edge: Voices from Scotland
Canongate, Nov 1998
pbk £8.99 0862417775


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