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The Dorothy Dunnett Readers Association and Whispering Gallery Magazine

Details about the DDRA here or go directly to their own site at

Discussion Lists

YahooGroups hosts a number of Dunnett related lists - the main public one is Marzipan, which has had a number of offshoots including Claes and Game of Kings, while there is also dduk, and Lymond. A search under Dunnett in the YahooGroups search facility should reveal most of them but it often seems to malfunction. If you're having trouble finding them then contact me and I'll point you in the right direction.

A new group has been formed in Sept 2006 for readers of the new German editions of House of Niccolo - it's called Dunnetts Welt and the address is


Of the commercial sites Random House/Vintage has reading group notes and summaries of the books but unfortunately they have had to remove their discussion forum following a massive spam attack. There used to be a site for Romance Communications Magazine site which had interviews with Dorothy but the site has now disappeared.

Martine Daeuwel's German website now includes an English version so you no longer need to be able to read German to understand it and it's well worth a visit for the pictures of the paintings which she has associated with the characters in the books.

Simon Hedges' site has pictures of the Nikado performance at the Edinburgh and Philadelphia Gatherings as well as the music and words for the operetta, plus photographs of various Dunnett related places including his trips to Malta and Orkney.

Elizabeth Holden's site has a strong Dunnett content including photographs of previous Dunnett Gatherings.

German language site for Klett Cotta who are the publishers of the new German translations of the House of Niccolo. Looks a nice site although I fear my German is not up to appreciating the text content.



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