Astrological Chart for Lymond

Subject: Francis Crawford of Lymond and Sevigny
Birth Date: November 1st 1526
Time: 6.45pm
Place: Paris, The Hotel des Spheres


Astrologer's interpretation

The chart displays the tremendous strength and emotional powers of Scorpio underneath the characteristics of Gemini and Libra, producing an outer personality which is mercurial, fickle, adaptable, quick and original in its habit. The presence of Jupiter add a philosophic depth, and that of Venus means a leaning towards feminine things and an understanding of them, as well as an unusual success with women. Mars in the fourth House adds an element of violence and even crudity, and together with the other factors implies conflict in the home. The fifth House indicates a quick-minded facility with, beneath it, great strength and sense of purpose. Neptune in the 9th House and Uranus in the 12th in association with the rest, indicate important and unusual events happening overseas. Neptune, the watery sign, can also mean renunciation. Saturn in the 10th House has to do with raising up and casting down in despair, and the 12th House implies self-sacrifice and even self-destruction, together with prisons, hospitals and all that is confining. On the other hand, Jupiter in the ascendant can also mean great good luck.

A strong, powerful and vigorous chart, overlaid by an original and decorative outer personality.