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Mary Queen of Scots and her relations

Much of the Lymond Chronicles are of course concerned with Francis Crawford's interactions with the French court, and in particular the child Queen Mary of Scotland and her mother Mary of Guise, as he first protects the young Queen from assasination attempts and later tries to instill a sense of Scottish pride in her while the French plot secretly to take over the Scottish throne.
While most of the popular images of Mary are from her later tragic times not much is seen of her as a youngster.

Amongst a number of books which Mercat Press bought from Her Majesty's Stationery Office, is one called

Mary Queen of Scots
Rosalind K. Marshall
first pub 1986, 207 pages
pbk, 1873644957 £10.99

from which these pictures are taken. It tells the full story of Mary from the circumstances of her birth just before the death of her father, James V, through the period in France with her relatives and her marriage to the Dauphin, her return to rule in Scotland and marriage to Darnley, and the later flight to England and her eventual beheading. It is heavily illustrated and gives an excellent feel for the period and the politics surrounding her tragic life.

Mary at the age of 16 Mary of Guise - Mary's mother

Henri II King of France Catherine de Medici Claude de Guise - Mary's Uncle Princess Elizabeth of France

Henry Lord Darnley as a boy - Margaret Lennox's son and Mary's future husband Philip II of Spain - husband of Mary Tudor

Other books about Mary

Mary Queen of Scots
Antonia Fraser
Arrow, 1998 (orig pub 1969), 713 pages
pbk, 0749301082 £10.00
Winner of the James Tait Black Award for Biography, and still regarded as a standard work. Reprinted over 20 times.

Mary Queen of Scots: Romance and Nation
Jayne Elizabeth Lewis
Routledge, 1998, 259 pages
pbk, 0415114810 £14.99
Looks at the way in which our view of Mary has changed over the periods since her death by looking at her depiction in the literature, music and paintings of those times..

The Trial of Mary Queen of Scots: A Brief History with Documents
Jayne Elizabeth Lewis
Bedford, 1999, 138 pages
pbk, 0312154399 £8.50


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