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Whispering Gallery is the worldwide correspondance magazine for Dunnett readers. For many years there were two versions of it - the US one which started it all off was called Marzipan & Kisses and was run by Jean Clissold and Karen Brandl. It closed in November 2001 (by dreadful irony the month of Dorothy's death) as most of its regular contributors had moved over to the various internet groups. The UK one was called Whispering Gallery and was originally run under the Dorothy Dunnett Foundation and edited by Val Bierman. After the release of Gemini and the last of the major official gatherings at Edinburgh 2000, the Foundation was wound up and Dorothy transferred the funds to a new body - the Dorothy Dunnett Readers' Association - to continue the magazine and maintain the community.

After a number of years operating under that name and going through considerable reorganisation and rebuilding, the name was changed to the Dorothy Dunnett Society. It holds an annual weekend gathering in Edinburgh every Spring at the same time as the AGM. It is a Scottish charity and sponsors history prizes at both school and university level and encourages historical research and education into the periods of Dorothy's works. All Society members automatically receive the magazine which is issued 4 times a year and which has developed under successive editors into a superb glossy colour publication of real quality.

The Society is run by a committee of volunteer members. I was founder member, and have served as Chairman and Membership Administrator, before stepping down a couple of years ago.


You can find more information about the Dorothy Dunnett Society, and details about joining, on their website, which is at




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