Laudable Vices – my new malt whisky blog

A little off-topic this one but I know there are many members of some of the on-line Dunnett discussion groups who will recognise the term “Laudable Vices”. We’ve often discussed malt whisky because Dorothy and Alastair were both very fond of a dram and experts on the subject, and it’s kicked off many entertaining off-topic threads.

So I hope some of you will drop by a new malt whisky blog – Discover Whisky – that my good friend Mike and I have been working on. Mike is a fan of Speyside malts while I am more of a islands enthusiast so we should have some interesting discussions and hopefully connect up with a few people on the way. We’ve already got some comments from people on Islay and I’m dreaming of going back there.

We’ll be doing a series of tastings (such an onerous task!) over the next few months and hopefully developing it all into a useful resource and discussion area for enthusiasts. Please come and join us and if you like what you find then please mention us or link to the site from your blogs or journal entries so others can do the same.


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