Best wishes to the Centenary Gathering attendees

We’re now just days from the start of the Dorothy Dunnett Centenary Gathering in Edinburgh. As many of you will know I now live in Slovenia but had of course firmly intended returning to my home city – both to celebrate the 100th year since Dorothy’s birth, and to meet up again with the many friends I’ve been fortunate to make in the Dunnett community.

Unfortunately I’ve been fighting to be fit enough; having contracted rheumatic polymialgia over a year ago. While I’m now much better than I was – when diagnosed last March I was on crutches and struggling to stand up – I had to take the decision a few weeks ago that I wasn’t yet fit enough to travel. I am still on immunosuppressants and as a result haven’t been able to receive Covid booster vaccinations, so that was another factor I had to consider. Having recently had an MRI scan on my knee it’s also apparent that the muscle wastage caused by the disease highlighted considerable wear and tear in the joint and it may be that I’ll need surgery at some point.

Naturally I’m sad at heart to have to miss this event and can only hope that there’ll be another chance to see some of my friends from outwith Europe. To them and any of the attendees I haven’t yet met – I wish you safe travels and a wonderful time in Edinburgh.

I’ll be thinking of you all and hope to see some photos or maybe even videos of some of the events. If anyone would like to guest post here with your reactions and memories then I’d be glad to hear from you.

In absentia I will be making one very small contribution, but I’ll leave that as a surprise.

All best wishes


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