Introduction to the Dunnett Blog

Whether you are a long time reader of the Dunnett newsletters, or a new reader of the books, welcome to Bill’s Dunnett Blog.

I intend to use this blog to pass on any news of events in the Dunnett world, and to add my own thoughts and commentaries on the books. Some of it may turn into articles which I’ll transfer to the main site. Some of it may invoke discussion either here on in the online Dunnett discussion groups of which there are many, or maybe even on the pages of Whispering Gallery – the paper magazine of the DDRA.



Introduction to the Dunnett Blog — 2 Comments

  1. Congratulations on the birth of your blog! It should be a great format for you, perhaps not so time-consuming to use as a webpage, and therefore more spontaneous. You are such a fine writer that your quick posts or long pieces will be a pleasure to read. I really look forward to exploring DD with you again!

  2. I have spent most of the morning reading the website and this new site (don’t tell my employers!). I am particularly fascinated by your “casting Lymond” feature. I always thought that Peter O’Toole would have been ideal. I think it would have to be a British actor (though not necessarily a Scottish one). The rest of your list was excellent, very well thought out.

    In this age of dumbing down, however, I fear the time for a literate subtle hero is over. Perhaps TV? I’m a big fan of HBO and have thoroughly enjoyed their offerings.

    Does anyone else out there have any ideas?

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