Newsletter – 13th Dec 96

This file is a formatted recreation of one of the very first of the the old newsletters I sent out from James Thin. Purely for archive purposes.

Dunnett Newsletter of 13th Dec 96

This message was intended to be sent out to you all about two and a half weeks ago, but it was only when I realised that I hadn’t had any replies that I checked my email program and discovered a corrupted address book file had stopped any messages from actually being sent, so apologies for being late!

Lymond Chronicles

The first bit of news was the arrival of the first two reissues of the Lymond Chronicles – Game of Kings & Queens’ Play – which both came in on the 7th November (while I was away for a few days).

As any of you who have been watching the web site will know, they will be followed by two further volumes in the spring and the final two in the autumn of next year.

To Lie with Lions

The second item is the publication of the Penguin paperback edition of To Lie with Lions which should be any day now. We certainly hope they’ll be on time as Dorothy is visiting our George Street branch to make an appearance in one of our Xmas events and will be signing copies. I’ve asked our colleagues at George Street to send us the surplus copies of all three books so that we can offer them to all our mail order customers who would like signed copies.

King Hereafter

In case any of you haven’t heard, Michael Joseph have regained the rights to the currently unavailable King Hereafter and will definitely republish it – although as yet there is no word of a date for this.

The Next Niccolo

Now one rather inportant piece of news just in this morning. I received a copy of Whispering Gallery, and was interested to find that they had the information that I had been trying to find out – the name of the next Niccolo book!! It will be called….

—– Caprice and Rondo —–

(Please don’t try to order it yet – we don’t have an ISBN from Michael Joseph yet so we can’t hold orders easily. Publication schedule is still likely to be November 1997. We will of course contact everyone on both the conventional mailing list and this emailing one as soon as we have any further news)
I heard from a couple of you that there was a rumour going around about a new edition of the Dorthy Dunnett Companion. I rather think this was probably caused by the fact that for a while Michael Joseph got in a bit of a muddle about the availablility of the current edition, and were giving the impression that it was “reprint under consideration”. In fact it was available in the warehouse all along. I’ve spoken to the people responsible for Dorothy’s books about it and the suggestion is that they will probably ask Elspeth Morrison to do a new edition once the final Niccolo title comes out in 1999. I suggested that it would be great if it could be brought out to coincide with the probable Gathering in 2000 and they are considering that.

A word about the web site – if any of you are passing on the details to friends it will be much easier to use the “new” address rather than the old rather clumsy one A few months ago we aliased the home page to at the same time as we installed the online search and ordering system (StockSearch). We had been hoping to have secure server status for the site by now, so that everyone could feel happier about sending credit card details via the ordering form. It was delayed by a software release postponement but we hope to have it ready soon.

Does anyone know if Dorothy’s interview with Frank Delaney for Sky TV was ever shown? I haven’t seen any sign of it in the schedules over here, but I could easily have missed it as I don’t have much time to watch TV. There was an excellent hour long radio program earlier in the year but I don’t think it was ever broadcast outside Scotland.

That’s all for now. Hope you all have an excellent and peaceful Xmas and New Year
I’ll send out other mailings whenever there is any important news. If you have any other queries just let me know and I’ll do what I can do help.