DDS Edinburgh Weekend 2014

The 5th-7th April saw the Annual Dorothy Dunnett Society AGM Weekend. Slightly earlier than usual, the weather in the week preceding it was dreadful with sea mist and rain, but fortunately it dried up just in time.

Friday evening was our now usual dinner at the Sheraton Hotel where everyone gathered together – many old friends but also a number of new ones. As usual there were a number of overseas visitors amongst the delegates, from France, Germany and Canada and this time there was even one who’d made the trip from India! Dedication indeed. Unfortunately one of the German members, old friend Heike Meyer, had a nightmare journey due to the Lufthansa strike and didn’t arrive until Saturday afternoon.

Saturday morning at the Royal Overseas League had a Richard III theme to it with two talks. One was on the discovery of Richard’s bones under a car park in Leicester and was given by Philippa Langley who was instrumental in getting the search taken and the archaeological dig funded and completed. The second was on the science of Craniofacial Identification by Prof Caroline Wilkinson from Dundee University. They were amongst the most interesting and best presented talks we’ve had and were much enjoyed by everyone.

For the post-lunch slot it was my turn, and I followed up my talk on Marthe a couple of years ago with one on Jerott Blyth. I’ll be posting an adaptation of it here shortly. Later in the afternoon we had a talk from Natalie Lussey – the winner of this years Dunnett History Prize who discussed her winning essay on Artisans, Printers and Traders in Renaissance Venice.

The AGM followed and then in the evening we had the usual Gala Dinner, finishing with the 2nd year of our new tradition of members giving four readings from Dorothy’s work.

Sunday’s bus trip was this year to Dundee, where a number of options were available including a tour of the Verdant Works Jute museum. Captain Scott’s ship Discovery, and the McManus Gallery and Museum. If the much-improved weather in Edinburgh was any guide they will have had a good sunny day for the various excursions.

Safe journey home to everyone and we look forward to seeing you all again.


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