BBC – Macbeth Remixed

This week there has been a series of five 15 minute programmes on BBC Radio 4 telling the story of the real Macbeth – thanks to Pam Davies for alerting me to this. Although it’s now finished you can listen to it on the BBC’s Listen Again feature, but you’ll need to catch it quickly as the items are only there for a week from the broadcast. I haven’t had time to listen to it myself yet – as I write this I’m listening to the first part – so I don’t know if Thorfinn or Dorothy’s ideas will be mentioned but it may be interesting. And at least it may do a little to counteract the Shakespearean hatchet job. If you haven’t already seen it you can see Dorothy’s article on the real Macbeth in the newsletter archives here.

You may have noticed some odd changes in the blog in the last few days. After an upgrade to WordPress I noticed that the paging links weren’t working, so I’ve had to completely re-install the program and then reinstate the various added features I’d put into it. I’ve taken the opportunity to add some other facilities at the same time but it’s meant that there may have been some odd effects while it was being done. Hope no-one has been affected.

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