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UK Book Re-issue

News is just appearing tonight of the planned reissue in the UK of all Dorothy Dunnett’s historical fiction books – The Lymond Chronicles, The House of Niccolo, and even, praise be, King Hereafter. Apparently the schedule is for the Chronicles and KH to appear in September 2017 with the HN following in 2018. The DDS press release is at

Naturally I’m delighted that these magnificent books will once again be readily available for a new generation of readers and only hope that this time they get the promotion that they deserve. Last time (horrifying to think it’s heading on for 20 years since the last set of UK Lymond paperbacks came out) it felt like I was the only one doing anything to push them (at my then position with James Thin) and there seemed to be little budget behind the release.

Lymond for TV

The other big news – which makes me more optimistic about publicity for the books – is that a deal has apparently been done for a TV series based on Lymond, with the same company responsible for the recent Poldark remake.

This of course could be huge, and bring Dorothy to the attention of a much wider range of people. I suspect I may not be alone however in being just a bit concerned about how Lymond is portrayed on screen – and I’d be even more worried if it was for a film! If it’s done well and captures the feel of the books then wonderful, but if it over-simplifies the story, or changes the plot, then we devotees could be cringing in our shoes. However if we can’t popularise the books in the midst of the current climate surrounding the Game of Thrones series then maybe we never can.

Of course it won’t matter who they cast as Francis or Philippa, because none of us ever agree about that anyway! Probably half will love the choices and half will hate them. At least there’ll be lots of discussion.

And a final thought – maybe now the Scottish Book Trust will stop ignoring Dorothy every time they run a poll of top Scottish books!!


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  1. This are marvellous news!!! They will chose new, unknown and young actors for the main characters, and known actors for the older, or historical ones, and that is very fine with me 🙂 Can’t wait, this is a perfect moment for a Lymond TV show 🙂 They did a very fine job with GoT.

  2. Hi Rose, welcome. Haven’t had a button since adopting the current theme – very few people seemed to understand RSS so I didn’t bother adding an additional plugin to bring it back. However I think it still works if you add /rss to the end of the blog address – so – and that should put a feed into your bookmarks bar (depending on your browser setup.)

  3. Very glad to hear this. I discovered the first of the Lymond books in a cardboard box of used paperbacks in an alley in Hong Kong, so many years ago. Read it through and as soon as I finished, began it again, trying to figure it out! Such a fortuitous find.

    Will so look forward to again buying the whole set. Thank you for this news.
    Kind regards

  4. Welcome Betty. That’s quite an unusual way of discovering Dunnett! But quite a normal reaction to the first read 😉

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