Dolly Sails Again!

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Good news for fans of bifocal-wearing detective/spy Johnson Johnson. The Dolly series are being republished in both book and ebook format and should be out in about two weeks time. They’ve been out of print for many years and of course are usually overshadowed by the much better known historical books, but they have an idiosyncratic charm and are full of wry humour.

They are being published by Cornish-based publisher House of Stratus and will be available in both paper and ebook versions. As soon as I have full details I’ll post them here along with links to order them. They will appear with the most recent UK titles (see the Dolly page on the main site for the full list)

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Dolly Sails Again! — 3 Comments

  1. I can recall stumbling across a couple of Dolly books after being captivated by the Lymond Chronicles in the early 80’s, but thought them most peculiar. I will be interested to give them another try and see if they make any sense!

  2. Great news that the Johnson Johnson thrillers will return. Do you know whether they will be available in the United States as well as the UK? The rights are often different, limiting availability to specific countries. I would really enjoy purchasing copies for my e-reader, since the ratty used editions I was able to track down via used book websites are in sad condition!

  3. I was told that they would be available worldwide so you should be able to get them ok in the US. Looks as if there’s been a slight delay and it’ll be March when they appear.

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