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The Johnson Johnson series

Dorothy wrote a number of detective novels which were first published under her maiden name Dorothy Halliday with different titles in the UK & USA, and were subsequently retitled again in the UK when they switched to Dorothy Dunnett. The US changes were made to avoid any possible offense to the then US President's wife - Ladybird Johnson.
The books are often referred to as the Johnson Johnson series or the Dolly series (Dolly being the name of the hero's yacht!).

They have been out of print for around 15 years but are now being re-issued by a new publisher and are due to appear in February 2012. Details will appear here as soon as they are available, along with links which will allow ordering.


  Original UK Title Renamed US title Renamed UK Title    
1 Dolly & the Bird of Paradise   Tropical Issue
Tropical Issue
2 Dolly & the Singing Bird Photogenic Soprano Rum Affair
Rum Affair
3 Dolly & the Cookie Bird Murder in the Round Ibiza Surprise
Ibiza Surprise
4 Dolly & the Doctor Bird Match for a Murderer Operation Nassau
Operation Nassau
5 Dolly & the Starry Bird Murder in Focus Roman Nights
Roman Nights
6 Dolly & the Nanny Bird   Split Code
Split Code
7   Send a Fax to the Kasbah Moroccan Traffic
Moroccan Traffic


Two of these titles were produced as audiobooks and at Jan 2012 one of them seems to still be available

Dolly and the Bird of Paradise (Tropical Issue)

UK. Audiobook - Read by Maxine Howe, 10 cassettes, 735min. ISIS AudioBooks: Jan 95, 1856959481 original price £49.29
This subsequently appeared on a new ISIS website, at a greatly reduced price of £19.99 but is no longer listed.

Moroccan Traffic (Send a Fax to the Kasbah)

UK. Audiobook - Read by Judith Whale, 12 cassettes, 930min. ISIS Audio Books: May 94, 1856957993, original price £55.81
This subsequently appeared on a new ISIS website, at a greatly reduced price and is currently listed at £22.49
Contact them directly at

Old Editions

For those searching for secondhand copies of the books the last known UK editions were as follows:

Ibiza Surprise

pbk. Arrow Bks: Oct 93, £4.99, 0099257114 Out of Print

Morocan Traffic

pbk. ArrowBks: Aug 93, £4.99 0099251310 Out of Print

Cloth, Chatto: May 91, £3.99 0701133953 Out of Print

Operation Nassau

pbk. Arrow Bks: Aug 93, £4.99 0099257211 Out of Print

Roman Nights

pbk. Arrow Bks: Dec 93, £4.99 0099257017 Out of Print

Rum Affair

pbk. Arrow Bks: May 91, £3.99 0099846500 Out of Print

Split Code

pbk, Arrow Bks: Oct 93, £4.99 Out of Print

Tropical Issue

pbk. Arrow Bks: May 91, £3.99 0099846608 Out of Print


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