New US Lymond editions coming

The latest issue of Whispering Gallery arrived this morning and contained alongside the usual excellent articles is the news that Knopf/Doubleday are releasing new US editions of the Lymond Chronicles on 14th May this year.

They appear to be trade paperbacks and will be priced at $18.00
US readers should be able to order them using the following ISBNs:

Game of Kings – 9780525565246

Queens’ Play – 9780525565253

Disorderly Knights – 9780525565260

Pawn in Frankincense – 9780525565277

Ringed Castle – 9780525565284

Checkmate – 9780525565291



New US Lymond editions coming — 3 Comments

  1. Do you know why audible pulled Dunnett audiobooks? It seems penguin uk has audiobooks but not available in US? Any information would be appreciated!

  2. Hi Paul, apologies for not replying sooner, WordPress seems to have stopped sending me email notifications when comments are posted that need approval, and I’ve been too busy to check the admin system manually until now.

    Audible will have pulled the old audiobooks because the new ones that are already out in the UK are being released in the US this month. We had the narrator, David Monteith, as a guest at the recent DDS AGM weekend in Edinburgh, and I can confirm that he’s excellent.

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