Suivez Francois!

Starting tomorrow the latest of the big Dunnett gatherings takes place – this time in the romantic city of Paris. With plenty of sites from Queens’ Play and Checkmate it should be a wonderful few days for the  participants who are heading there from various parts of the world.

Sadly I’m not one of them – originally I’d hoped to attend but a combination of business pressure and the process of buying and moving into my new house mean that I’m more than fully committed. A great pity, the prospect of eating French cuisine in some dramatic and historic venues and visits to places like Fontainebleau, not to mention the real point which is of course meeting up again with many old friends and correspondents, was a seductive one. But I guess I’ll have to wait till Istanbul which is planned for 2012.

Some participants are also visiting Bruges as part of an extended trip, thus taking in Niccolo territory as well. Another city I’ve been promising myself a visit to for far too long.

To everyone taking part;  fair skies and fine eating – I’m sure you’ll all enjoy yourselves immensely. And have a glass of wine for me.

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