Third Unicorn Tapestry unveiled at Stirling Castle

Any of you who were with us on the DDRA weekend trip to Stirling Castle a few years ago will remember the wonderful Unicorn Tapestries, which we were able to see on the looms and about which we heard a talk the previous day from one of the superbly skilled weavers who are undertaking their construction and who had just finished work on the first in the series – The Unicorn in Captivity.

These recreations of the original Renaissance tapestries – The Hunt of the Unicorn – which belonged to James V and which are now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in new York, have a direct link to the time period of our favourite books as well as being delightful to look at.

Now the third in the series of seven – The Unicorn is Killed and Brought to the Castle – has been unveiled and will be on display in the castle’s restored Chapel Royal. If you are visiting Scotland on holiday or live nearby then a trip to see them is highly recommended.

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