Dunnett Mini-Newsletter – 1st Dec 2001

Just a quick couple of announcements


To follow up on the mention in the last newsletter – the audiobook of Disorderly Knights is now in and I’ve put hotlinks on the website in Dunnett Book News and in the Bibliography for anyone who wants to order it. Or you can use the following link if your email client supports it. http://www.jamesthin.co.uk/stocksearch/order/item?1841972940 It’s on 17 cassettes and is narrated by Andrew Napier again. Price is UKP 59.95 (+171/2% VAT in the UK) The only downside is that we weren’t in time to correct his faulty pronunciation of Lymond. Lets hope they sort it out for Pawn in Frankincense.

Still no fresh copies of Game of Kings but hopefully it shouldn’t be too long now. Queens’ Play is back in stock.


Our own Mercat Press have just published a book that I know quite of few of you have been looking forward to – particularly those of us who have been to this wonderful group of islands

New History of Orkney
William P L Thomson
529 pages UKP 14.99

It’s a new edition of a book originally published in 1987 which was the first history of Orkney for over half a century It’s been completely rewritten and extended, with important new work on the Picts, Vikings, medieval Orkney, and the Reformation. The author was for 20 years the Rector of Kirkwall Grammar School and has written numerous books and papers on Orkney and Shetland. >From what I’ve seen of it on a quick glance through it looks pretty good.


While searching for up to date information for a reader/listener the other day I came across something that may interest JJ fans. The two Dolly audiobooks that were published by ISIS are now on their new website – and they are selling at greatly reduced prices!! Here are the details:

Moroccan traffic
read by Judith Whale
UKP 19.99
12 Audio Cassettes 15hrs 30mins
ISBN 1856957993

Dolly and the bird of paradise
read by Maxine Howe
UKP 18.99
10 Audio Cassettes 12hrs 15mins
ISBN 1856959171

The ISIS web site is at


and you can order them from there (just run a search under dunnett in their search box). Please don’t try to order them from us, we can’t get them.


A correspondent has just sent me this link about a course called “State and Society in the Fifteenth Century” based around the House of Niccolo, taking place at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The tutor is a reader of this newsletter – hope you don’t mind the mention Sharon, it sounds fascinating. Err, can we all get honorary diplomas? 😉

best wishes to everyone



Dunnett Mini-Newsletter – 1st Dec 2001 — 2 Comments

  1. Quite by chance I found your newsletter about Dorothy Dunnett’s funeral in 1998. When I first discovered “House of Niccolo” it was a surprise to me that the author was the wife of Alastair Dunnett, the editor of The Scotsman who lived in a flat of the same house that I lived in, 9a Polwarth Terrace. Thank you for the many references and recollections of a very happy period in Edinburgh. jrb

  2. How lovely to have known Alastair. I didn’t know he’d once lived in Polwarth Terrace – some of my own friends had a flat there many years ago. Edinburgh is a small world in many ways and there are connections everywhere.
    Delighted to have spurred happy memories for you.
    best wishes

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