Newsletter – Jan 97

This file is a formatted recreation of one of the very first of the the old newsletters I sent out from James Thin. Purely for archive purposes.

– – – Greetings to all our Dorothy Dunnett enthusiasts – – –

Hope you are all well. I have a number of pieces of news, one of
which in particular I’m sure you will all be very interested in.

The Next Niccolo

Caprice and Rondo, the forthcoming 7th volume in the House of Niccolo series, has now been officially announced by Michael Joseph. That means we can start taking orders for it.

We’ve ordered an initial batch of 200 copies just to get things started – I’m sure that will be increased before very long. The ISBN is 0718140818. We don’t have a definite price as yet, but we would expect it to be similar to the previous volumes at around 16 or 17 UKPounds. It is still expected to be published in November, as most of the rest of the series have been.

In an effort to make things easier to manage when the book comes out and we’re trying to send them all out as quickly as possible, can I suggest that when you are sending an order by email you include a section of order details separated from any other comments that you are including.

This should include:
the book title
your full name and mailing address
whether you want the book sent by airmail or surface mail and which method of payment you prefer to use – credit card, cheque, or account.
(If you’ve sent us your card details in the past we should have them on file, so unless your expiry date has lapsed that should be fine.)

That will make it much easier for our invoice and dispatch staff to see at a glance what is to be done with each order and should mean we can get them sent as fast as the Post Office can accept them.

The reissues of the Lymond Chronicles

For anyone who isn’t already aware of them, the Lymond Chronicles are currently being reissued in paperback, two titles at a time. The first two – Game of Kings and Queens’ Play – appeared in November. The second pair, Pawn in Frankincense and Disorderly Knights, are due out in the first week of March, with The Ringed Castle and Checkmate due in September. There are still a small number of signed copies of the first two available, plus signed copies of the Penguin edition of To Lie with Lions, which appeared in December.

The Mailing List

This is really the first time I’ve sent out the whole mailing list in one go. Earlier mailings of it were either done manually or in smaller chunks, so fingers crossed that the software works as it should.
I’ve included everyone that we’ve had email contact with about Dorothy’s books, and I had to dig through older email databases to retrieve some of your names. I hope I’ve included everyone, and only those people who want to be on the list. If you would rather be ommitted then please drop me a message and I will take you off. Conversly if you know anyone who would like to be on it then let me know. We have been trying to compare this list with our conventional mailing list so that we don’t duplicate messages. Douglas Brown will be sending a letter to the people on that list shortly.

Some Changes to our Personnel

I have finally been given an assistant – Craig Cameron – who will be starting in February. Craig will be taking over some of the routine systems work that I do, but more importantly he will also be handling most of the email orders and enquiries from now on. This will leave me more time to devote to the web site and to networking projects in the shop as we try to join together the various systems in our other branches.

Since I will still be maintaining the Dunnett page on the web site and also sending these mailings I will still be happy to hear from you all on any Dunnett related matters except routine orders, which should go to Craig.

Use the original email address:
for orders
(we may add a new address something like: but the old one will still get through to us) and if you want to contact me (and I would miss the conversations we’ve had over the last couple of years) then you can get me on :

The Web Site

Most, if not all of you, have seen the Dunnett pages on the web site

which I keep up to date with the same information that I post out to you here. I’m always happy to consider any items that you think might be suitable for it, or suggestions about how it might be improved. One thing I intend to do which is not strictly Dunnett related but which may interest you, is to add more Historical Fiction authors in a separate page. They won’t of course be as detailed as Dorothy’s page, as we don’t have similar connection as we have with her,but should be of use to anyone interested in this subject. Any suggestions on authors to include would also be welcome.

That’s all for now. Best wishes to you all, and if I take a few days to acknowledge all your orders then please don’t worry – I’m already rather stretched and will doubtless have a very full mailbox on Monday morning (when in fact I am stuck in a software training seminar all day).



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