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The covers of Dunnett titles have had a chequered history; many artists and editors seemed to have no awareness of the contents at all and we've been presented with some appalling and hilarious images of Lymond and Philippa in particular. Most of the more recent covers have been excellent - the hardback UK Niccolos were very sensitively done and the paintings chosen for both the UK and US paperbacks were often very appropriate - but the earlier ones, particularly the paperbacks, were often dreadful and must have put off a lot of readers.

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The New Penguin Editions of the House of Niccolo

Niccolo Rising The Spring of the Ram Race of Scorpions Scales of Gold
The Unicorn Hunt To Lie with Lions Caprice and Rondo Gemini

For those of you who like to know what the pictures are:

Niccolo Rising - View of a Market Place by Hendrik Steenwyck (1550-1603)
Spring of the Ram - detail from A Sultan Receiving tribute by Giovanni Antonio Guardi (1699-1760)
Race of Scorpions - detail from View of Naples depicting the Araganese fleet re-entering the port after the Battle of Ischia in 1442, attributed to Francesco Rosselli (1445-c1513)
Scales of Gold - detail from The Meeting of Etherius and Ursula and the Departure of the Pilgrims, from the St. Ursula Cycle, 1498 by Vittore Carpaccio
Unicorn Hunt - detail from The Book of Hours: May, c1540 by Simon Bening
To Lie with Lions - Gerrit deVeer Narrative of Barent's last voyage, 1598. Ship of William Barent's fleet caught in ice
Caprice and Rondo - details from Nomadic Encampment from a 'Khamsa' by Nizami, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Persian, Safavid dynasty, 1539-43

For some reason Gemini didn't follow the pattern and received a very cut-down version of the hardback cover


The Penguin/Michael Joseph editions of the Lymond Chronicles

Game of Kings Queens' Play Disordly Knights
Pawn in Frankincense Ringed Castle Checkmate

The Vintage editions of the Lymond Chronicles

Game of Kings Queens' Play Disorderly Knights Pawn in Frankincense Ringed Castle Checkmate

Again, for those of you who like to know what the castles pictured are:

Game of Kings - Dunottar Castle
Queens' Play - Thirlstane Castle
Disorderly Knights - Hermitage Castle
Pawn In Frankincense - Castle Campbell
Ringed Castle - Castle Stalker
Checkmate - Glamis Castle

Hardly any of them are actually related to the books!

The 2000 Michael Joseph edition of King Hereafter

King Hereafter

The Vintage edition of King Hereafter

King Hereafter


Older book covers - Non-English Editions


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