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The old Penguin editions of the House of Niccolo

These editions had interesting covers based on well-executed paintings (one of which I now have) and it's just a pity that being small-format paperbacks the detail is difficult to make out. The sharp-eyed amongst you will notice that To Lie with Lions is a different size to the earlier volumes - that is correct, it didn't match, a fact that caused much complaint at the time - and Caprice and Rondo was a completely different cover which was just a smaller version of the hardback. The whole series was reissued with different covers by the time Gemini was published so it never appeared in this format.

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Niccolo Rising Spring of the Ram Race of Scorpions Scales of Gold
Unicorn Hunt
To Lie with Lions Caprice and Rondo  

Some of the old covers from earlier editions of Lymond

Now we start to get to some of the stranger covers. These are from the Cassell hardbacks and rather remind me of old paintings of horses before it was realised how animals walk - that cheeta in Queens' Play looks particularly odd.

Game of Kings Queens' Play Checkmate

Sphere produced some very odd covers straight out of the Romance Dept - Game of Kings sees an Arnold Schwarzenegger figure with someone who looks like Sophia Loren - presumably Marriotta since Philippa's only 10 years old at this point, and don't you just love that fantasy castle in the background! Must be in Scotland with all that purple heather strewn around. That hard-riding guy in Disorderly Knights must be either Wat or Richard, but the scenery looks more like Malta than Scotland. Hmm, we have a very Highland looking Francis wearing a kilt in Ringed Castle and who is that gypsy temptress with him?

dugksphere-150h dudksphere-150h durcsphere-150h ducmsphere-150h

And how about Checkmate. Well we know that Lymond has got a little older and had a hard time but the chap on this cover looks about 60 and has a beard! More like Fat Father Jordan than Francis ;-)
But hang on, look at those two women in the right of the background - dressed like a Mary QofS figure - one of them appears to be a man with beard and moustache and deep staring eyes!! Here's a selective enlargement. Wouldn't like to meet her on a dark night!

Some of the old covers from the Johnson Johnson books

Dolly and the Doctor Bird Dolly and the Bird of Paradise


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