A 2nd experimental Lymond poll

Beware – Spoilers ahead! Finish the series before reading

Following up the previous post here is another poll about which character’s death had the most impact on you – but this time including the historical characters as well as the fictional ones.

Once again you can vote for up to 3 characters if they had similar effects on you.

This time I’ve added the option for you to add a character if your choice is not on the list.

[democracy id=”3″]

Unfortunately an update to the poll plug-in on 25th March 2024 has broken it, so the results can’t currently be displayed. If we get a further update it may be reinstated or if I get time I’ll check the database to see if I can pull the data out manually.

Thanks for taking part.


A 2nd experimental Lymond poll — 1 Comment

  1. For me, she was the bravest of all the people that we see or think we know in Lymond’s life. An extraordinary character who gave her all for a man she believed in.

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