A little experimental Lymond poll

Beware – Spoilers ahead! Finish the series before reading

Earlier today during a Twiiter discussion, and after we’d decided that ranking the books was too difficult, I suggested it might be interesting to see how people rank the impact of the various deaths in the Lymond Chronicles – firstly the fictional characters alone and then later including the historical ones. So I started playing with various polling plug-ins and after rejecting a few I found this one, which so far seems to best fit the sort of questions I’d like to ask.

So in the spirit of experimentation let’s see how it works. In the following list you can select up to 3 of the options. So if one of them affected you much more than the rest then you should probably just select that one. If two or three of them were about equal in impact then select both/all of those. (So far I haven’t found a plug-in that allows you to put them in an order.)

There are various settings within the plug-in that I’ll adjust in subsequent polls to test their effects, so don’t be surprised if things change a bit. As they say in America (jokingly I hope) – Vote Early, Vote Often!

[democracy id=”2″]

Unfortunately an update to the poll plug-in on 25th March 2024 has broken it, so the results can’t currently be displayed. If we get a further update it may be reinstated or if I get time I’ll check the database to see if I can pull the data out manually.



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  1. I found the death, and circumstances, of Christian’s death the most moving of such moments across the LC series. Will Scott? In a way he died for what he believed in, a hero’s death. Gabriel? Ultimately found out as a coward and a truly dreadful man. Joleta? Didn’t deserve to die in this fashion, but a truly awful human being.

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