Rosslyn Chapel emerges from scaffolding

Anyone who was with us for the DDRA Edinburgh weekend a few years ago when we visited Rosslyn Chapel (thankfully before the Dan Brown inspired increase in visitor numbers) will remember the intricate scaffolding and extra roof which was being used to allow access for restoration and also to help dry out the building after earlier ill-conceived restoration efforts. While it was fascinating to walk around the scaffolding and see the roof carvings up close the broader external views were much disrupted.

Now the chapel, which Dorothy used as a setting in the House of Niccolo, is emerging from its web of steel and can be appreciated in full again. You can read more details about it at the Scotsman site


Rosslyn Chapel emerges from scaffolding — 3 Comments

  1. She’s really fubuloas. She’s also great at deceiving the reader and turning things around in a just amazing way. I’m re-reading the Niccolo books next, but thinking about doing it on the Kindle, which is a chunk of money to spend, ugh.

  2. Hi David. From what I’ve seen in the Guardian article of the Hill House restoration the structure, roof, and walkways look very similar but Rosslyn didn’t have the outer protective mesh. The basic issue was similar – Rosslyn needed to dry out as a previous attempt at fixing the water ingress problem had in fact made it worse. Let’s hope Hill House is as successful.

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