Dorothy Dunnett’s death – 10th anniversary

As most of you will realise, today is the 10th anniversary of Dorothy’s death. It is not a day I will ever forget, and the letter to everyone announcing it was the hardest I ever had to write. In some ways it seems only weeks ago and in others a lifetime. So many things have changed since then, yet the memories of her effervescent intellect and kindness are as fresh as ever.

The important thing is to remember the continuing fellowship of countless Dunnett readers throughout the world which she made possible, and the immense and lasting pleasure she gave to us all; changing lives, educating us while entertaining us, inspiring travel and studies of myriad aspects of history and other related subjects.

She was the best, and she will not be forgotten.

Thank you Dorothy.


Dorothy Dunnett’s death – 10th anniversary — 3 Comments

  1. I love Dorothy Dunnett’s two series. I have introduced a number of people to it, and they think it is fantastic. I am currently re-reading the “Lymond Chronicles” and I cannot believe how much I missed the first time around and how much more meaning the series has to me.

    I was very fortunate to hear Dame Dunnett speak on National Public Radio in New York at the time “Gemini” came out. I immediately started my journey shortly after.

    I remember being greatly saddened when I heard of her death. She was truly one the English Languages great writers.

    I think one of the great things about her two series is that it has encouraged me to read the actual histories of the places that heros have visited.



  2. Hi David and welcome.
    Yes, if you’re anything like most of us you’ll still be finding new things on your 10th read! That’s half the fun. And yes, the inspiration to investigate the history and locations of the places and events she wrote about has made such a massive contribution to many people’s lives.

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