International Dorothy Dunnett Day – 15th October 2011

The first International Dorothy Dunnett Day will take place on the 15th October. It has special significance as it marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Dorothy’s first book – The Game of Kings – which started The Lymond Chronicles and was responsible for all our wonderful journeys into the history, geography and culture of the Renaissance.

There will be meetings all over the world; in Belgium, Canada, England, Spain and the USA, and of course here in Edinburgh where we’ll be gathering at the Makar’s Court off the Royal Mile, next to the stone that commemorates Dorothy’s life and work. If you’re attending any of the meetings then when you raise your glass (which I hope will contain the best malt whisky that you can find!) to her memory then you’ll be doing so together with many others.

Do enjoy the memories, whether they are of reading the books for the first time, of the first time you communicated with other readers, of any gatherings you may have attended, or, if you were lucky enough to meet her in person, of that warm smile and sparkling wit that she graced us all with. And if you wish to share any of the stories or photos old or new then I’d be more than happy to receive them.

Have a very good day!


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