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Covers of Russian Editions

These rather curious editions are published in Russia and the covers were sent to me by a very interesting and well-read correspondent called Galyna who is a fervent Lymond fan and regards him as very much a Russian style hero - despite not having yet had the opportunity to read Ringed Castle. They are in fact Game of Kings and Queens' Play split into four books, with the former called Game of Kings and Game of Queens and the latter called Game of Jokers and Game of Knights.

Since as far as I know Russia is not a signatory to the international laws on copyright I presume that these are what we would term pirated but it is amusing to hear that they have a copyright notice on them as follows.

The edition in Russian by Trading - publishing association Centropolygraph 1997
Translation by : The game of Kings - Krilov. The game of Queens - Diachenko
The publishing license 064206 from 10.08.95
The game of Jokers - Mirolubova, The game of Knights - Ballod
The publishing license 065372 from 10.08.95
Circulation 10 000

It is protected by the law on the copyright
The editor - Mirolubova The art editor - Ozerov
Address of Trading - publishing association Centropolygraph 111024,
Moscow, 1st Entusiast.s street , 15

German editions of Dolly

These were editions that I found amongst the books in the Dorothy's house when it was being cleared and I was struck by the completely innappropriate covers. Obviously someone in the marketing department was trying to make the JJs sexy!

dollyeisvogel-150h dollylockvogel-150h dollynachtvogel-150h dollytodesvogel-150h aufibiza-150h


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