Dorothy Dunnett


Some photographs of Nicholas' home town kindly sent to me by Ann MacMillan.

Click for a large version - 70k Click for larger version - 48k click for larger version - 67k
The Steen Jerusalemkirk The effigies of Adorne and Margriet
Click for larger version - 68k Click for larger version - 51k Clcik for larger version -  82k
Gruuthuse Mansion The Belfry St John's
Clcik for larger version - 52k Click for larger version - 69k  
Michelangelo painting White Bear  

In addition here is a first attempt at a map of Europe to give some idea of the principal places of Dunnett interest. Still fairly crude but I'll add to it gradually if people find it useful. This one is coloured in the modern political layout - I'll have a go a producing one in the Renaissance layout as well when time allows.


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