Dorothy Dunnett

Malta and Gozo

Photographs kindly supplied by Monica Murray, who also chose the quotations from Disorderly Knights.

'On the left tongue was Birgu, the fishing village the knights had made convent and home of the Order, with fort St Angelo at its tip.'

'…tall, elegant houses, face to face in a network of alleys… between the splendour of grille-work and portico shrine and balcony…'

'Then the Auberges, Inns of the Eight Langues…'

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Galley Creek from Fort St. Angelo Fort St. Angelo & Birgu Birgu
Birgu Birgu - the English Auberge Inner courtyard of the Auberge

'Then he left, and walked down through the sloping town square to…the steps…leading to the Order’s Church of St Lawrence.' Click for larger version Click for larger version - 68k
  Precincts plaques The Precincts of St. Lawrence

'M’dina, isolated on three sides by a sheer drop and on the fourth by a ditch…'

'…in the thick-walled little city, with its five hundred square yards of quiet passages, of high walls and crested gateways….'

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Medina West side of Medina Medina
Click for larger version - 69k 'All day, ortas of robed Janissaries, akinjis, azabs, had been taking position….'
Medina The plain between Medina and the sea from the city walls  
In all that crazy, sun-beaten journey they had met no one…Scrambling over the great stony ridges and down the valleys hatched with terracing…Then he was here at Marfa, on the grey grass and the tired grey sand above the northernmost beach, where the pitted yellow-grey sandstone ran out under the water…
Marfapoint Marfaridge looking towards Medina  

'High on its acropolis above the capital Rabat, the Gran’Castello, her lover’s citadel, guarded the centre of gozo, a three-mile span of sharp hills and patchwork plains..'

'From the battlements of the citadel, her back to the square and the church, Oonagh O’Dwyer stood and watched Rabat become Turkish.'

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Gozo walls Oonagh's view - Rabat Gozo

'She who had been the swiftest rider in Ireland…ran from door to door, from lane to lane, from hide to hide until, with screaming thick in her ears, she came to the well, the archway, the quick turn which lead to the narrow steps to the battlements.'

Gozo Gozo Gozo
'From the Governor’s castle…this balcony, overlooking the cathedral and square, was empty '
  Bishop's Palace - the ground floor was part of the Governor’s Castle  


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