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Dorothy Dunnett Companion Vol 1

This is an A-Z coverage of all the characters, places, and myriad background details that make Dorothy's books so enjoyable and richly textured.

When Michael Joseph suggested a companion book Dorothy specifically decided that it should concentrate on the real historical background and should not include anything about the fictional characters. She had seen a companion book on another author's work and felt that the inclusion of fictional information was a mistake. She also felt that it should not contain inforation that was readily available in dictionaries or encyclopedias.

However she had long realised, from some of the questions she used to be asked, that she had not documented her sources as well in the early days of writing as she did later on. Elspeth Morrison, who is a research historian with degrees in Renaissance History, then had to basically retrace Dorothy's steps and recreate her original research.

At the time it was written the House of Niccolo series was only half complete, so Vol 1 could only cover up to that point in addition to the Lymond Chronicles.

Unfortunately the original Michael Joseph edition unexpectedly went out of print in 1997, although I was able to trace a fair number of copies that had ended up with a remainder bookshop chain, and it was unavailable until 2001. There was never a US hardback edition.

In 2001, with volume 2 in preparation, volume 1 was published for the first time in the US in paperback by Vintage who initially had world rights to it. Michael Joseph/Penguin, who initially planned only to issue vol 2, changed their mind and bought back the UK rights and issued their own paperback of vol 1 as well as the hardback of volume 2.

Current editions

US - Vintage - July 2001

ISBN - 978-0375725876 - pbk


Previous editions

UK - Michael Joseph - 1994 - hdbk

UK - Penguin, pbk - Dec 2001 - pbk


Dorothy Dunnett Companion Vol 2

Elspeth and Dorothy spent almost a year working on Volume 2 of the Companion, completing it shortly before Dorothy's illness was diagnosed. Volume 2 covers the last three Niccolos, earlier Niccolo items that couldn't be revealed previously without giving away the plot, and further Lymond items that had been researched since the original Companion. There are also lots of maps. It was published in hardback in the UK and paperback in the US.

Current editions

US - Vintage

ISBN - 978-0375726682 - 2002 - pbk

Previous editions

UK - Michael Joseph - May 2002 - hdbk


The Lymond Poetry

Edited by Elspeth Morrison and Richenda Todd

This is a collection of poetry used in the Lymond Chronicles and is based on research notes found amongst Dorothy's papers after her death. They were originally intended for publication in the 1970s but the project was shelved when Alastair had a heart attack.

Elspeth and Richenda worked their usual magic and turned them into a delightful little book that is a fitting tribute to Dorothy and her stunning hero.

Current Editions


Previous editions

UK - Penguin - 2003