Dunnett Related Places to Visit in Scotland and Northern England

I have frequently been asked for recommendations for places to visit by Dunnett enthusiasts who are coming to Edinburgh on holiday, and these pages are intended to provide some ideas in this vein. As they've grown rather large I've now split them into more manageable parts.

Scotland is of course teeming with history and as well as places mentioned in the books there are many sights which you will no doubt want to see, which while not directly related to the books, are useful for general background to give you a feel for the period. While we can't possibly cover everything in a few pages (the history of central Edinburgh alone could fill many books, while the history of the Borders region is extremely complex) it should serve as a good basis for further research and for planning excursions. The suggestions are split into 7 groups centred on Edinburgh (since this is probably the most likely place that visitors will be staying).

Most of the photos are mine, some are courtesy of Ann MacMillan. Many of them use sliding galleries which you can browse through.


The following map shows many of the places mentioned. I've used umap (based on openstreetmap) for the large map as it has better facilities for building custom maps now that Google have closed down their old custtom capability. On the individual pages however I've included Bing maps which at some magnifications have Ordnance Survey versions which are wonderfully detailed.


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