Pointers to prominent topics in this site and blog

Because of the way this site has evolved over the years and the fact that a lot of articles have appeared in the blog while I was too busy to maintain the main site, I thought it would be useful to have a page pointing to some of the main posts and articles that have appeared. I did consider moving many of the blog posts into the main site but since readers often like to comment on them I decided that it was better to leave them mostly where they are, but use this page to allow you to find them more easily rather than having to search or trawl through a large number of posts.

Posts about characters

Marthe – Tragic Pawn or a Lost Soul Redeemed - My talk on Marthe to the DDS weekend

Jerott Blyth – dashing hero or dumb idealist  - My talk on Jerott to the DDS weekend

Revisiting an old theory on the character, thinking, and development of Nicholas - Nicholas' thinking compared to a chess player

Margaret Lennox and love

Posts about specific scenes

"Come and be licked..." - an analysis of the scene between Lymond and Kate featuring raspberries and blackberry pies

“As a maiden lady, you would wear anyone down…” - an analysis of the dialogue between Lymond and Philippa as they travel to the Dame's house in Lyon

Posts about the geography of some of the Scottish locations

Views around “Midculter” - photos and description of landscape around Biggar and Coulter

In Search of Ballaggan – in the hoofprints of Richard and Agnes

Dunnett Directional Discrepancies - A look at some odd geographical mistakes in two scenes at either end of the Chronicles

My own early reading experience

Confessions of a Dunnett Reader - A collection of excerpts from my old newsletters from the late 1990's when I was reading the books for the very first time.