An Example of Dunnett Fanfic

A page for a bit of fun. Dunnett readers are an imaginative lot and there have been a number of brilliantly written tales inspired by, or poking affectionate fun at, Dorothy's stories. Indeed there was a wonderful collection of them put together in a book called The Niccolodian which was presented to Dorothy at the Philadelphia Gathering in 2000. We'd also had a few discussions about Sci-Fi and discovered that there are lots of us who are Star Trek fans as well. We'd even played the casting game with ST characters as Lymond ones. I chose Worf to play Jerrott!

The following little story of mine was inspired by a number of factors. We'd all heard of SF characters who'd been inspired by Lymond, but how would he fit in to the Star Trek universe? Then there was a thread wondering what he would have been like with children after Checkmate. And of course once you start to think about it, the existence of a character called Scott in both series is a coincidence that's too good to let pass!

Then I happened to think about Spock's Pon Far experience on planet Genesis and it all started to join up. I'd played about with what became part 1 as a personal amusement but when someone on one of the discussion groups asked what the word fanfic meant I thought the best way to answer was to demonstrate, so I dug out the story, finished it off, and posted it. Incidentally the title is a sideways reference to AJ Cronin's books - Dr Finlay's Casebook - which have produced two popular British TV series about a young doctor joining a practice in the Scottish Highlands.

Much to my surprise my little story was a big hit on the newsgroup and drew impassioned requests for a follow-up, so after a while parts 2 and 3 were produced as well. Amazingly they've since been mentioned at a conference as an example of mixing two genres together - not bad for a piece of whimsey. Will there ever be a part 4? Well you never know..."it's writing Jim, but not as we know it" ;-)

I'd like to dedicate the story to the late and much missed Mickey Thies from Texas. We began corresponding very early on in my Dunnett journey and she encouraged me in my reading while crediting me with persuading her to try again to read Niccolo, who she initially had difficulties with having been a committed Lymond fan. Happily she succeeded in coming to terms with him and went on to become one of the most enthusiastic contributors on the Yahoo discussion groups - even becoming list-mom on one of them. Her appearance as a lisping Kathi complete with giant lollipop in the Edinburgh Gathering performance of The Nikado is just one of a series of fond memories of her. She adored this story and was always asking me to finish it. My plot-writing skills were never up to it during her lifetime, and sadly it's now too late. But maybe one of these days I'll finish it off in her memory.

So with apologies to Dorothy and Gene Roddenberry (and wouldn't you just love to eavesdrop on a heavenly conversation between them!) we present....

Dr Crawford's Casebook - The Next Generation
Episode 1 - Family Matters

The turbolift whirred into life at the soft musical sound of the girl's voice and once again sped upwards towards the bridge. Ensign Benene Tobias glanced across at her temporary travelling companion and involuntarily raised a slender eyebrow - she'd never seen a blond blue-eyed Vulcan before, and this one would have been worth looking at whatever colour his hair.

'Welcome aboard sir' she said with a smile that brightened even the well-lit compartment. 'You must be the new doctor?'

'Your assumption is logical' came the briskly correct reply, and she momentarily felt both intrigue and disappointment at his crisp commanding tone;

'and the greeting is a delight on a tiresome day.'

Her head snapped upwards again at the sudden change in inflection as she looked up to see the sapphire blue eyes twinkling mischievously, and she smiled again, in surprise this time, and gave a quick gasp of breath.

'Ensign Khurrem I assume?' the delicate lips pursed in a gently mocking question, 'Geomalers would sing of your fair smile' he continued, before slipping through the opening lift door almost before she could register her confusion.

'Definitely not a normal Vulcan' she thought to herself before following him onto the bridge and making a mental note to ask the computer what her newly suggested name might mean. The voice had had an almost Celtic lilt, and what on earth was a Geomaler?

The flaxen haired officer had already slipped gracefully past the arched console of the communications station and pressed the contact on the Captain's ready room door with long slender fingers.

'Ah, Dr Crawford, I'm glad to see you found your way here, the Captain and I were hoping to see you aboard in person but ship's business is a little heavy right now. You come with excellent references - Professor Picard thinks you'll be the perfect choice for the Enterprise - I hope she's still as good a judge of character as ever.'

'The Professor was an excellent teacher Admiral. If I can tend the crew as my great-grandfather tended the engines of an earlier Enterprise, then I shall be content.' The voice had returned to a measured Vulcan monotone.

'On this ship we try for more than content Dr.' the tone was sharp, though not entirely unfriendly. 'Commander Paris will show you the sickbay; Tom?'

'Of course Admiral, if you'll follow me Dr?'

Admiral William T Riker watched his latest crew member slip out of the Bridge with thoughtful eyes, and turned to study the personal record monitor again. This was going to be very interesting. Dr Khaireddin L J Crawford. That was a mouthful that made even William T seem a little less impressive. Not enough that he was grandson of probably the most celebrated Vulcan in history, Ambassador Spock, but to have Montgomery Scott of the first Enterprise as great-grandfather. And those initials , there was something familiar about them… his fingers moved on the keypad… of course; Leonard, after the finest doctor starfleet had ever had, even Beverley said that; and James after the legendary captain whose reputation every Enterprise commander had to live up to, apart perhaps from Jean-Luc and maybe the current android incumbent, though he had pressures of his own.

What a curious combination it had been that drew Scotty's daughter Billie to marry Kevin Crawford and their son Rick to fall in love with the daughter born from Spock's brief connection with Savik on the Genesis planet. Amanda - Savik had named her after Spock's human mother, and she'd had her grandmother's light golden hair. No wonder this self-assured doctor was the first blond male Vulcan in the planet's history, not to mention a probable magnet for the female crew members! He'd already noticed the expression on Ensign Tobias' face when she'd followed Crawford onto the bridge. He smiled and wondered if they realised how old he was.


Episode 2

Episode 3