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The lovely island of Madeira is naturally much-changed from the time of Nicholas and Simon, though it was also mentioned in one of the Johnson Johnson books and you can still take the wooden sleds down the steep hill in Funchal. It has a wonderfully mild and consistent year-round climate and the displays of flowers are remarkable. I've visited twice for Christmas and would happily return to explore the mountain regions and the levadas - the paths which run alongside the irrigation channels that lead down from the hills.

I particularly recommend taking the cable car from Funchal and visiting the Botanical Gardens, and would love to see the Flower Festival which usually takes place in April. It's also a great venue for food enthusiasts, with superb seafood and Portugese cuisine, as well as some excellent Morrocan dishes. And of course you must try the Madeiran wine!

Typical church architecture

Typical church architecture

Funchal Botanic Gardens

Funchal Botanic Gardens

Topiary at the Botanic Gardens

Topiary at the Botanic Gardens

White Bear

This glorious display grows on wires above the river


Wonder if he knows where the gold is?

Funchal church

Funchal church

Hand-painted tiles

Hand-painted tiles adorn many building in panels like this one

tile art

Another example of tile art

Bank of Portugal

I did consider asking if they had an account for Jordan de St Pol

wooden sled

Wooden sled ride



red flower

Even in December the plant variety is astounding


Another Funchal church


Castellated villa

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens